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Friday, October 23, 2020

TVS, Sarawak’s very own channel, begins broadcast on ASTRO

Sarawak's very own TV channel, TV Sarawak or TVS, has begin broadcast today over at ASTRO Channel 122. The channel has been around for quite...

Kuching events and happenings

Kuching events and happenings feature a good list of events in Kuching.

These list are carefully divided into groups as it becomes sort of ‘a complete guide to events and happenings in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo’.

Aside from popular happenings found in Kuching, I’ve also listed local ones.

This is to ensure the smaller happenings aren’t left out.  The smaller events usually are equally exciting. Most events listed happen on a yearly basis.

This listing also includes insider tips of events I’ve been to as a local Kuching person.

I’ve inculded these tips to help first timers to a particular happening.  Every tip is updated according to the trends and changes of the events on a yearly basis.

I also allows listing of events for free for the benefit of my readers.


Sarawak Harvest and Folklore Festival

Sarawak Harvest and Folklore Festival (known before this as the World Harvest Festival) take places at the Sarawak Cultural Village with vibrant and exciting highlights organised throughout the 3...

Sarawak Regatta, Sarawak – Guide, details and tips

The Sarawak Regatta is an annual boat race happening at the Sarawak River in Kuching and is held in conjunction with Kuching City day, but dates from as early as...

Kuching Jazz Festival – Guide, details and tips

The Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival happens on a yearly basis at the last weekend of September. During it's inaugural year, the organizers hosted 4,000 people at the festival and the...
What About Kuching

What About Kuching Festival

What About Kuching (WAK) celebrates the arts, culture and lifestyles of the people of Kuching by creating a platform to share the abundant talent in Kuching, and throughout Sarawak. The...

Kuching Marathon – Guide, details and tips

Kuching Marathon (KM) is an annual event which brings runners from all over the world to the beautiful city of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The marathon inaugural race was on 17 August...

Kuching Festival, Sarawak – Guide, details and tips

Kuching Festival is an annual event organised by Kuching South City Council (MBKS) to commemorate Kuching being elevated to City status on 1st August 1988. According to the MBKS website,...
Rainforest World Music Festival

Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) – Guide, details and tips

Kuching is home to one of the largest and best traditional music festival in the Asia, the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF). ThIs award winning festival itself attracts not less...

Rainforest Fringe Festival Kuching – Guide, details and tips

The Rainforest Fringe Festival, known as RFF, or 'the Fringe', is a new festival created to showcase 'the best that Sarawak has to offer'. Happening right in the bustling capital...

Gawai Dayak, the harvest festival

The celebration of Gawai Dayak is indeed well mentioned to many intending to visit Kuching, or Sarawak in general. The event which has been mentioned by About.com and numerous...

ASEAN International Film Festival And Awards (AIFFA)

The ASEAN International Film Festival And Awards (AIFFA) is a awards ceremony and festival of filmmakers and movie stars from the Asean region. It is held in Kuching and is...
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