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If you are looking for the best of Kuching attractions, this is where you'd find them.  Here I've taken effort to list and explain every attraction in detail. Attractions in Kuching are not only made up of wonderful man made marvels which are unique to Kuching, but also natural wonders that are well. The attractions listed will hopefully help tourist and visitors coming to this lovely land. Explanation include local guide tips, directions, as well as hotels which are closest to these attractions.  I've also made an effort to keep each attraction guide updated. At the bottom part of this section, I've also shared my experiences going to these attractions. If you have tips to share, just leave a comment in the article and I would be glad to add it up! Enjoy reading and checking up all the lovely attractions Kuching has to offer. Here's the list of Kuching attractions in alphabetical order. Click on the links to go to each attraction. Note: Buildings with * are under construction

Farley Mall Kuching


The Sarawak flagpole


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