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If you are looking for the best of Kuching attractions, this is where you’d find them.  Here I’ve taken effort to list and explain every attraction in detail.

Attractions in Kuching are not only made up of wonderful man made marvels which are unique to Kuching, but also natural wonders that are well.

The attractions listed will hopefully help tourist and visitors coming to this lovely land.

Explanation include local guide tips, directions, as well as hotels which are closest to these attractions.  I’ve also made an effort to keep each attraction guide updated.

At the bottom part of this section, I’ve also shared my experiences going to these attractions.

If you have tips to share, just leave a comment in the article and I would be glad to add it up!

Enjoy reading and checking up all the lovely attractions Kuching has to offer.

Fairy Cave, Bau – Kuching

Fairy Cave in Bau is an impressive nature reserve just about 40 minutes from Kuching.  It is located in Krokong, Bau. It is just beside...

Sarawak Museum (Old Building)

The Sarawak Museum is located adjacent to the Borneo Cultures Museum. Known also as the 'old building' (Ethnology Museum), the museum had undergone renovation and...

Batu Kawah Riverbank Park, Kuching

The Batu Kawah Riverbank Park is a five phase park development in the Batu Kawa area, just about twenty minutes from the main city...

St Peter’s Church Padungan, Kuching

St Peter's Church Padungan is a community Catholic Church that is located in the city centre of Kuching City. The church is one of the...

Sarawak Archive Kuching

Sarawak Archive Kuching is currently under construction in Petra Jaya, Kuching. The two and a half storey building was approved by the Sarawak Government in...

Damai beach Kuching

Damai beach Kuching is a popular beach among locals due to its pristine white sand and distance from Kuching City. The beach is also popular...

Kuching Heroes Memorial Park

The Kuching Heroes Memorial Park or mausoleum isn't exactly a top tourist attraction in Kuching but this particular memorial is important particularly to commemorate...

Kuching Air Raid Shelters

Kuching Air Raid Shelters are located just beside the centre of Kuching City, specifically on a hill slope beside Park Lane. It is likely you...

Pantai Trombol @ Golden beach, Telaga Air, Kuching

Pantai Trombol @ Golden beach at Telaga Air Kuching is located some 40 minutes from Kuching City. The usually quiet beach had recently found fame...

Malaysia – China Friendship Park Kuching

The Malaysia - China Friendship Park Kuching, known best as just Friendship Park among locals, is a one lake park in Jalan Song. The park...

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