The Red Jumsuit Apparatus. - Photo source: Substream Magazine


US based The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is the main headline of the coming Sunbear Festival 2022 which will be held in Kuching this coming December 2022.

In case you don’t know The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’s “Face Down” is their biggest hit and one of my personal favourites, with songs like “False Pretense” and “Your Guardian Angel” also being equally popular among music lovers.

Anyway, the two day event which will be happening from 9 – 10 December 2022, will also shift their venue from the MBKS compound to the Sarawak Cultural Village, as they are now likely expecting an ever bigger crowd to the festival.

The Red Jumsuit Apparatus. – Photo source: Substream Magazine

Highlights for Sunbear Festival 2022

Aside from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, the festival is also featuring quite a number of well known artist from both Malaysia and outside.

Previously, names like Boy Pablo (NR), FUR (UK), Phum Viphurit (TH), Kilms (ID), Danilla (ID), SOG (MY) and Reality Club (ID) were also announced as performers of the festivals  which also combine the likes of NiceStupidPlayground, One Buck Short and local Sarawakian traditional band Pinanak Sentah.

Sunbear Festival tickets

Ticket prices to the festival are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) and they are sold in stages with those buying early able to get special discounts.

Note that prices start from RM180 and other rates are seen below.

Tickets are available at the link below.

Venue and layout 

The organizers of Sunbear Festival 2022 previously announced the MBKS Community Hall Carpark as their venue, but on 30 September 2022 announced that they are moving the venue to the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Updates on the layout of the festival will be shared here in due time once made available by the organizers.

In case you didn’t know, the Sarawak Cultural Village is currently the biggest outdoor concert venue in Kuching and can easily accommodate over 10,000 at one night.

If you want to stay near the venue, stay nearby the Sarawak Cultural Village. Else, consider staying in Kuching City centre itself to explore more of Kuching. Links to hotels are given below.

Sunbear Festival 2022 schedule

If you have already bought your tickets, the performer schedule for the festival is seen below.

At the time of writing, no time frame of each performer has been released.

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