Niti Daun Gawai Dayak Parade

Niti Daun or the Gawai Dayak Parade is a procession or parade by Dayak people of Sarawak.

It is a common parade commonly performed in Iban longhouses or villages before Gawai.

What to expect

During this parade, one can expect thousands donning traditional costumes in full range and variety of most of Sarawak’s indigenous culture and traditional.

Traditional music will also be played as traditional dances are also done as the parade moves.

There would also be moving floats which are decorated in wood, bamboo and other traditional related style.

Photos of the event can be seen below.

Niti Daun video

Watch our shorts on Niti Daun by clicking on the link below.

Niti Daun Gawai Dayak Parade dates

Niti Daun was also held in 1994, and then 2018, with another one happening in 2023. Check out the year below to see the dates of the parade.

  • 1994:
  • 2018: 23 June 2018
  • 2023: 17 June 2023

Where does Niti Daun Kuching happen?

The usual route is from Tun Jugah Mall, to the Kuching Waterfront.

More on Niti Daun

For more information on Niti Daun and Kuching, click on any of the links below.

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