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Sarawak Tourism returns to Arabian Travel Market

STB plans to woo Arab tourist to Sarawak

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) returned to the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024 from 6th to 9th May 2024 to continue their efforts to draw more tourists from the Middle East region.

The wvent was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and it was used to showce Sarawak’s diverse attractions, ranging from its rich cultural heritage, natural landscapes, and local communities, on a global platform.

There will also be promotional activities held on Sarawak products during an Update Seminar on 9th May at the Novotel World Trade Centre. This event will be done in collaboration with Royal Brunei Airline,.

With ATM’s theme “‘Empowering Innovation – Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship” STB aimes to position Sarawak not only as the gateway to Borneo, bridging Kalimantan, Sabah, and Brunei, but also as a premier ecotourism and responsible tourism destination on the global map.

Sarawak wants more Middle Eastern tourist

STB CEO Sharzede Datu Hj Salleh Askor in a statement said STB’s participation in ATM2024 is a golden opportunity to put Sarawak at visitors’ top of mind when it comes to ecotourism and responsible tourism in the Middle East region.

Sharzeda noted that in 2023, Sarawak welcomed 3,630 visitors from the Middle East more than their best year of 2019 which saw 3,394 visitor arrivals.

This year, visitors to Sarawak’s booth at the ATM had the opportunity to experience the rich tapestry of Sarawak’s diverse cultural heritage through daily dance performances by the Sarawak Arts Council (SAC).

Apart from highlighting Sarawak’s Culture, Adventure, Nature, Food and Festivals (CANFF) attractions,  STB also promoted its iconic Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF).

About the Arabian Travel Market

The Arabian Travel Market is the premier international travel and tourism trade show that enables inbound and outbound tourism professionals to capitalize on market opportunities in the Middle East.

Popular tourist destinations from across the world congregates in Dubai to exhibit their brands during the market alongside the greatest names in accommodation and hospitality, known tourist attractions, cutting-edge travel technology companies, and airlines.

To book tours to Sarawak, you can go here.

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