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While effort has been made to make information here accurate, there may be misinterpretation when articles are being written. That said, the owner of this site, as well as the writer will not be held responsible for any damages or liabilities one should obtain from reading this blog of mine, and I urge readers to double check the facts in this blog before using them.

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All photograph’s, images and art work on this blog which bear the watermark CYRILDASON.COM, CYRILDASON.BIZ, KUCHINGBORNEO.INFO, CDASON.COM, cdasongraphics, KUCHINGBORNEO, and CyrilDason are owned and copyrighted to the author and written permission should be obtained before using it in any possible way.

All articles here are written by Cyril Dason, except for identified guest post.

Any sponsored/paid articles will not effect the review of the product/services provided to this blog.

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KuchingBorneo includes affiliate links that redirect to e-Commerce and other reputable online retailers.

Clicking on these affiliate links and eventually making a purchase through the links would contribute to the operations of KuchingBorneo as we do earn a small token from every sales completed.

It is however important to note that the inclusion of these affiliate links do not affect or increase the item’s prices and we do not force you to click on the links as well.

The inclusion of such links, which are highly targeted towards a review or product, is also done to help readers find the item faster as well.

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