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Kuching Open Air Market

The Kuching Open Air Market is often overlooked as a place to enjoy local Kuching street food and seafood. Fact is, Kuching isn't known by the masses as a seafood...
Matang Wildlife Centre

Matang Wildlife Centre, Kuching

The Matang Wildlife Centre is part of the Kubah National Park. It largely caters to researchers and nature lovers from all over the world. It has waterfalls, rock pools, designated...
Kuching Waterfront photo - KuchingBorneo.info

Kuching Waterfront

The Kuching Waterfront, is the most popular gathering place in this capital city. The esplanade stretches for about 900 meter along the south bank of the Sarawak river. Dotted the...

A day at the Kuching Water Park

It's school holidays and what better time to visit the Kuching Water Park, or in its full name; the Borneo Samariang Water Park! If you need information on what to...

A great grumbling session with Kavin

Kavin Jay entertained a crowd of about 100 last night at the Chemsain Auditorium.  He was performing for his "Ready to Grumble" show. I've already seen Kavin perform before, so...
tHe Spring's Oktoberfest

tHe Spring’s Oktoberfest – It’s not to be missed

I happen to stumble upon tHe Spring's Oktoberfest today. Apparently, it's the first day of the 10 day Oktoberfest. Here's the thing. The Spring has been organizing Oktoberfest for 3...

Sarawak River Traditional Boat Cruise

It was a beautiful day and I decided to go on the Sarawak River Traditional Boat Cruise.  Such cruise is available on Malaysia Holiday packages. The ride starts at the...
Fabulous Kumar

The Fabulous Kumar in Kuching

So last Saturday night I had the privilege to watch the Fabulous Kumar in Kuching. As you may have known, I mentioned that the Fabulous Kumar was happening in Kuching. The...

Penambang boat ride – An experience unique to Kuching

The Penambang is a boat ride service across the Sarawak river. The ride connects Kuching City to the Malay villages across the Sarawak river. Usually steered by men known as...
Rainforest In The City 2019

Rainforest In The City 2019 – What Kuching needs

Have you heard of the Rainforest In The City 2019?  There's a slight chance you may have heard of it, but it is more popular on social media as...
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