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Gawai Dayak Bazaar 2024 to be at MJC Batu Kawa

Bidayuh's to lead this year's Gawai Bazaar

The annual Gawai Dayak Bazaar will be held in MJC Batu Kawa for 2024. This will be the first time MJC Batu Kawa will hold the bazaar.

Gawai Dayak, also known as the harvest festival of the Dayaks, is one of the biggest celebrations within Sarawak.  The Dayaks consist of the Bidayuhs and the Ibans which make up the majority ethnic group in Sarawak.

The news about the bazaar was shared by New Sarawak Tribune in an article which also stated it will held from May 16 to 26.

Gawai Bazaar 2024
A Pagan priest during Gawai in Bau

Aside the selling of food and beverages, the those going to the bazaar can expect handicrafts to be sold at the bazaar as well, with many activities also planned in the evening.  There will also be nightly concerts during the bazaar, with local artist performing alongside cultural performances.

The report by New Sarawak Tribune noted that some 180 booths will operate from 2PM to 12 midnight during the Gawai Dayak Bazaar.“Many activities will be carried out, especially in the evenings, with booths operating from 2 pm to 12 midnight.

This year’s bazaar is organized by the Bidayuh community of Sarawak with the theme ‘maad kasah,’ which means ‘opening the mat’ in Bidayuh language.

For those seeking to buy bidayuh traditional clothing online, it is available on Shopee.

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