KuchingBorneo is a travel and tourism blog created, updated and managed by a me, Cyril Dason, a local from Kuching, in the Malaysian Borneo – which is how the blog obtained its URL.  Since I only only go out to other parts of the world when I am on a break, I have engaged friends as well to write about their stories and experiences, hence keeping everything here unique and personal.

This blog began in 2011, but I’ve only started making more effort to make it a proper travel blog in 2016, and that explains why there’s lack of travel related updates in the previous articles.

Light now shines on this renewed blog of mine: KuchingBorneo

You’d also see some development related articles, which are leftovers of that particular period when I wasn’t sure which direction I’d like this blog to go.

Anyway, I’ve since put in more effort to make this a better and more informative travel blog, and I hope you will enjoy what you are reading.

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