It was widely reported today that authorities had removed ‘love padlocks’ which was locked by couples on the newly opened Satok Suspension Bridge.

While it is uncertain who actually locked the padlocks on the bridge, such action is believed to be following the trend which happened in the Pont des Arts, which is most famous for being the Lock Bridge in Paris.

On Pont des Arts, visitors used to be allowed to attach personalized padlocks to its railing and throw the keys away in the Seine River.

The tradition however is now forbidden as it damages the bridge.

Similarly in Kuching, some have decided to imitate the act at the Satok Suspension Bridge and the authorities doesn’t seem pleased judging from their immediate reaction to remove the ‘love padlocks’.

Regardless, the incident has gone viral with many negatively commenting on the action of the couples to put the ‘love padlocks’ on the bridge.

It is well noted that these padlocks that are not needed on the suspension bridge will add unnecessary weight and burden on the structure and hence justifying the immediate removal of the locks.

That said, if you want to ‘seal’ your love as a couple, do it with a ring.

Don’t add weight to the newly opened bridge as it’s not only jeopardizing the bridge’s structure, but also perhaps a sign that you have no intention of hanging on to the relationship considering you know the fact that the padlock will be broken within days it was attached.

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