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Satok Suspension Bridge: Almost like Da Nang, Kuching lights up yet another bridge

I’m sure you are well aware now that the Satok Suspension Bridge has now been officially declared open and is now reopened to the public for use.

The popular icon in Satok was closed recently for light installations, and its pleasing to note that the light installations have now been completed, transforming the bridge and the surrounding areas into an important tourist attraction particularly at night.

The positive feedback on the bridge has soared after the lights were installed and many videos of the landmark have been making rounds on social media.

It is worth also to note that the government plans to further improve the waterfront area on both the riverbanks from the Darul Hana bridge until this bridge, hence likely making the place even more attractive in the future.

Good to see Kuching lighting up its bridges

If you have been to Da Nang, Vietnam, you’d be amazed how the city transformed its many bridges into attractions, particularly at night.

During my last trip to Da Nang (photo below), almost all of the bridges (not less than four) across the Han River were well lit with LED lights at night, with the bridges becoming icons and also attractions by itself.

That said, I’ve always felt Kuching could do something similar since we do have a few bridges within Kuching City which could easily become attractions.

Therefore, the fact that two bridges are now well lit with LED lighting is a huge way forward to making Kuching City a tourist destination in my opinion. I do hope to see more bridges also getting a make-over in the near future because there’s definitely potential there.

Videos of the lighted bridge

Just to shed light on the new tourist icon of Kuching, here’s some videos of the bridge from numerous sources.

Photos of the lighted bridge

Here’s also some photos of the bridge at nightto enjoy.

More information on the Satok Suspension Bridge

If you need to know more about the suspension bridge, do heck out the full article about this amazing re-built attraction: Satok Suspension Bridge Kuching.

Also popular in Kuching is the Darul Hana Bridge, as well as the Kuching Air Raid Shelters.

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Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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