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Kuching transportation services

In Kuching transportation services, I list down guides to getting the best transportation service in Kuching.

Getting around Kuching will be rather tricky if you are not a local.  To help those unfamiliar with Kuching, I’ve decided to piece details on transportation services available to the public as well as tourist.

The details I have included here are updated regularly with hope that it will help.

Mind you that the size of the Kuching and the distance between most places of interest in Kuching do pose a transportation problem.  That said, it would be good to know where you intend to go and plan out your trip accordingly.

Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) project

The Sarawak ART System Project is part of the Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) is massive public transportation project undertaken by the Sarawak Government. The...

Kuching hydrogen bus service

Kuching scored a lead in public transportation when it introduced three hydrogen buses on 1st August 2019. These buses were painted in red and white,...

Ride sharing in Kuching

Ride sharing in Kuching has been around since 2017 and it has been gaining popularity ever since with many Kuching residents doing it as...
Getting around Kuching

Kuching e-bus service by Kuching Metro: All you need to know

The Kuching e-Bus service was recently launched in the capital city of Sarawak. The bus service, know as the Kuching Metro Electric Bus service makes...
Getting around Kuching

Kuching City free bus service – All you need to know

Members of the public can start using the Kuching City free bus service to go around Kuching City from this Friday, 1st March 2019. This...

How to travel around Kuching

Kuching is the city in Malaysia, which annually attracts thousands of tourists. The tourists know this place under the name “Cat City”. It has...

Kuching bicycle, motorcycle, and car rentals

Often there comes a need to rent transportation services.  Here we list down such services for the ease of our readers. BICYCLE RENTALS Bicycles are a...

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