Kuching public transportation services

Lorry renting services in Kuching

Lorry renting services in Kuching allows you to rent a lorry for an hour, day or more.

Usually, such services are offered by lorry drivers on the sides, but there are times such services are also offered by companies.

It is worth to note that renting a lorry in Kuching usually means you will be renting the driver as well.

Tips before renting a lorry in Kuching

Renting a lorry in Kuching means you would likely mean that want to bring a large amount of items.

That said, here’s some tips before you rent a lorry.

  • It is best to rent with a driver as the law requires one to have a special license to drive a lorry
  • Check numerous places before renting as there are many options
  • Note that there’s different types of lorries up for rent and they go by the volume it can carry in tonnes; 1 tonne, 3 tonnes, 5 tonnes and so fourth.

Kuching lorry rentals

Here are a few lorry rentals in Kuching that are still active.

  • Lori Sewa – +60167398878
  • Zarif – +60138289847
  • Three Tonnes Lorry – +0168186655
  • Awang Iskanda – +0168930541

If you find the listing inaccurate, or want to add, or delete any of the numbers above, kindly contact us here to have that done.

Listing is done for free and we just require accurate information to be given.

Other transport based rentals in Kuching

If you are looking for other modes of transportation to rent, check the links below.


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