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A day at Trombol Beach Kuching

Read about my experience having a picnic at Kuching's Trombol Beach

Trombol Beach nearby Kuching is one of the widest and longest beach nearby the city of Kuching and this is my experience as well as my review of the beach.

The beach is famed for its sunset, with some also calling it the Golden Beach due to the amazing sunset you can observe when the weather permits.

Besides that, many have boasted about the beach on social media and how fun it is to be at this particular beach.

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Recently, my family and I had some time on our hands and decided to explore this growing tourist attraction to see for ourselves what the hype about this beach was all about.

How to go to Trombol Beach

Since we stay in Kuching City, the journey to the beach is about 30 minutes by 4WD.  Since I am not familiar with thr route and road to the beach, I had to rely on Google Maps for the location.

The map below is the one we used for this trip, and it was accurate.

Anyway, the journey brought us on to Jalan FAC (now known as Lebuhraya Pehin Sri Haji Adenan Bin Haji Satem), before we turned right into Jalan Kampung Telaga Air, and then into Jalan Trombol.

At Jalan Trombol, we were then directed into a gravel and rather muddy road which leads to the beach (pantai Trombol).

All the roads were sealed except for the road nearest to the beach which was still under construction.  This particular road was rather narrow and best used with a 4WD.

However, I noticed smaller compact cars like Axia, as well as motorcycles, could also use the road with ease though traffic was slower when two cars came together at the road.

The uneven road brought us to a partially wooden beach house which had a hive of activities.

Trombol Beach Kuching tickets and entry fees

Here, a man approached our 4WD and charged us based on the number of passangers in the car.

It was RM5 per head, and he later allowed us entry into the beach house area, as well as to drive our car onto the beach as well.

Directions to go in and out of the beach house area were clear, but directions to the beach weren’t.

However, it was easy to figure out as the route to the beach was just ahead of us, and there was only one route.

Facilities at Trombol Beach

The beach house is where all the facilities at Trombol beach is located.

There’s bathrooms, toilets and also stalls selling food and drinks (including ice-kacang).  Rental of huts, as well as ATVs are also available here.

Cash is the only method of payment accepted and there are no extra charges for use of the bathrooms and toilets.

When we came, the water pressure in the bathrooms and toilets were low, so if you are planning to come here, be sure to do all your ‘business’ in advance and make sure you bring enough cash as well.

Food and drinks at the beach

Since we were going to Trombol Beach for a picnic, we brought along quite a bit of food and drinks. Therefore, we didn’t spend any money for such items at the stalls operating at the beach house although I could see people ordering fresh coconut as well as snacks at the stalls.

I drove my 4WD onto the sandy beach and started looking for a spot to do our picnic.  I also noted there were shades nearby the beach house which I believe could be rented as well.

However, we wanted somewhere more private and decided to go further away from the beach house.

Along the beach, pine trees were quite prominent, creating natural shade for a picnic spot. There were also some abandoned looking ready made wooden shades along the beach with a few being occupied by people.

I spotted one which was vacant, and drove to it immediately.  Unsure if we needed to rent the wooden shade, we decided to just set up our picnic spot within the nearby pine trees which provided us with ample shade from the blazing sun.

I brought along a huge waterproof canvas which later became our mat, a huge sunshade canvas which was later used to further shade us from the sun, and some foldable chairs for sitting.

They all worked well and fitted the purpose of our picnic as we just lazed nearby our picnic area while eating and enjoying the view.

Other things that happened

We spent a good 5 hours on the beach watching things go by. I slept on the canvas for an hour as the sea breeze cooled me off. To be honest, a beach chair would have been even better but I didn’t bring any for this trip.

As time passed, we saw cars driving by our spot, with couples walking slowly along the sea side, and kids playing in water.

Others kids were busy building sand castles with the adults doodled on the beach.

We also saw a good number of people playing kites with others rented ATVs which they later used to drive up and down the long strecthy beach.

Nearby to our spot, a family was doing a barbeque, something I think I should consider if I do go here again.

After a while, we also took the opportunity to drive slowly along the beach in our 4WD as we enjoyed the sea breeze while checking out what other parts of the beach had to offer.

At about 5PM, the sea water was already close to our picnic spot and we decided to call it a day. We packed up, and started heading home.

Trombol Beach operating hours

As we left, we noticed more cars coming itto the beach. I figure they were arriving to enjoy the sunset Trombol Beach had to offer since most were youngsters or couples.

I’m not sure of the operating hours of the beach, but some had said it’s open from 7AM to 7PM.

Either way, I was also told that while the route we used is the ‘official’ entry road to the beach, but there is other ways to get into the beach for free.  That said, the time stated is likely for the entry via the ‘official’ route although you should take this information with a pinch of salt.

Trombol beach review conclusion

Regardless, I think Trombol Beach has huge tourist potential for Kuching and I have a favourable review of the place.  The short picnic we had was uneventful yet hugely satisfying.

The beach is almost untouch if you are talking about commercialized tourism, and it gives you a glimpse of nature’s seaside without the need to spend too much.

The fact that Trombol Beach offers a similar vibe to Sematan Beach and is so much nearer to Kuching City only makes this beach even more attractive as a perfect place for a short gateway and brief relief from life in the city.

That said, I’ll definately return here in the near future with my barbeque pit and hope it would still be as nice as it was during this trip.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.
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