Kuching is blessed with a lot of places to go trekking with some great for beginners,  and others made for those loving a little more adventure.

To ease the search of a treckking place in Kuching, here’s some places you can check out to do such activities:


The Bako National Park is only accessible by boat, but travelling by day trip is possible. You are however encouraged to stay if you plan to go trekking on the many trails Bako National Park has.  The treks are divided into numerous types and lengths and each would reward you with the amazing flora and fauna available around the park. / Photo of a trekkers on a trail at Bako National Park


Gunung Gading National Park has a special star attraction – the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, making it a good excuse for anyone to go for a hike across four jungle-clad mountain peaks, and its dense primary rainforest which criss-cross between crystal clear streams and waterfalls. Gazetted as a park in 1st August 1983 the park is easily accessible from Kuching on a day trip with trekking trails leading to the peaks of the mountains that make up the park. / Photo shows the Rafflesia at Gunung Gading


This is a great but challenging day-walk to the top of stunning Gunung Santubong, which rises up out of the Damai peninsular, 1/2 hour drive from Kuching. The steep trail, involving numerous rope-ladder ascents, is rewarded by views along the coast in both directions, plus inland back to Kuching. A pretty waterfall offers a great way to cool off at the end. Trekking at Mount Santubong involves climbing up and down. / Photo shows Mount Santubong


Kuching’s best kept secret, Kubah/Matang has rainforest with massive trees, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, and the richest concentration of palm species in the world. Kubah/Matang has an extensive trail network, and Matang has an excellent wildlife centre where you can see some of Sarawak’s wildlife. All only 1/2 hour from Kuching. / Photo shows a waterfall at Kubah


Located  within the Padawan area is Borneo Highlands Resort.  The resort offers sits on the mountain plateau, 1,000 meters above sea level, on the Penrissen Range. Trekking here is considered less challenging (more to walking), but while you go around, you get to enjoy the rich flora and founa in the area. / Photo shows the an overview of Indonesia, seen from Borneo Highlands


Mount Singai is known as a worship place for Catholics but it is also popular among trekkers as the climb up despite the fact that it does have a proper trail (and stairs). That said, it might not be that great for trekking, but it is still a good climb up. Once on top, one can enjoy a great view of Kuching and Bau from the mountain. / Photo of stairs at Mount Singai


Being able to bath in one of the best waterfalls in Kuching is the ultimate reward for those trekking to the Jakar Waterfalls. The waterfall is placed high above ground and it is advisable to get a guide if you are going here. / Photo of Jakar Waterfalls