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Friday, October 23, 2020

TVS, Sarawak’s very own channel, begins broadcast on ASTRO

Sarawak's very own TV channel, TV Sarawak or TVS, has begin broadcast today over at ASTRO Channel 122. The channel has been around for quite...

Kuching Activities

Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching

Boulevard Shopping Mall-Kuching (BSM), is strategically located just 5 minutes from Kuching International Airport and has a consumer catchment areas of over 230,000 population consisting of middle to high...
Sarawak river cruise

Kuching City and Sarawak River Half Day Tour

Kuching City and Sarawak River Half Day Tour is perfect if you want to indulge in its kaleidoscopic heritage and settle in for a captivating tour around historic landmarks,...
Kuching Bicycle Tour

Kuching Bicycle Tour

Zip around Kuching on this half day guided Kuching bicycle tour of the city. Combine history and culture at a leisurely pace as you visit historic buildings, a floating...
Kuching Bike Food Tour

Kuching bike food tour

Experience the vibrant culinary scene of Sarawak in this four-hour Kuching bike food tour! Get the chance to cycle along the busy and charismatic streets of the city with your...
Siniawan night market


Siniawan Night Market happens at the Old Siniawan Town is a short but compact street with variety local food and good environment. Pitcher plant rice, locally called Lemang Periuk Kera...

Dayak Karaoke Lounges & Bars


Rainforest Kayaking Adventure

The Rainforest Kayaking Adventure allows you to have an exhilarating experience as you journey through the tropical jungles of Sarawak. This tour allows you to Kayak through Sungai Sarawak Kiri...
Kozi Square LD Legenda Kuching

Kozi Square LD LEGENDA Kuching

The 10 storey Kozi Square LD Legenda is a lifestyle shopping centre the heart of Kuching city with outstanding design & unique features. It is one of the few malls...
Medan Niaga Satok

Medan Niaga Satok (Satok Market)

Medan Niaga Satok (Popularly known as Satok Market or Kubah Market among locals) is located beside the Sarawak river. It is popular among locals as it is the biggest by...
Serikin Market Bau

Serikin Market, Bau

Serikin Market is located at the border of Sarawak and Indonesia. It is popular among West Malaysians coming to Sarawak as the border market has a wide variety of native handicrafts,...
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