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Popular places to eat seafood in Kuching City

While Kuching might not be close to the sea, but seafood in Kuching is comparatively cheap and equally fresh if compared to those available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, which is famed for its seafood.

Here, we list the places we know serve seafood, and give some reviews of what you can expect at each location. The locations we list will serve fresh crabs and prawns, two signature seafood dishes. Places serving frozen seafood will be omitted.

Batu Lintang Hawker Centre, Batu Lintang, Kuching

Batu Lintang Seafood
Batu Lintang Hawker Center, also popular known as the Batu Lintang Seafood Centre, is well known for its cheap sea food. Here, there are numerous stall available, including some halal ones. You can pick your stall, and you must seat at the allocated table for the stall. Food from the stalls can be very inconsistent at times, and the place gets very crowded during celebrations and month ends. Selecting alive crabs or seafood is an option, but if you are late, you might not have much of a choice.
Tips: A stall known as ‘Lintang’ and Lok Garden are two of more consistent stalls, and when ordering drinks, at separate stalls, they do serve extra large cups.

Top Spot Food Court, Jalan Bukit Mata, Kuching


If it rains heavily, and you still want to eat fresh seafood, Top Spot is the best option because it is housed on top of a multi-storey carpark and it is properly shaded from the rain. The place is always crowded because it is located in the heart of the city, and enjoys a lot of tourist as customers. Surprisingly however, the food prices are reasonable with many, especially tourist, agreeing that it is cheap. At Top Spot, you will be able to select fresh sea food from a variety of stalls, with yourself able to hand pick what you want to eat. The place also serves umai Sarawak, a local Melanau dish, and there is a special mix of sugarcane and coconut drink sold in a dedicated stall. No pork is served here and food is halal although beer is available.
Tips: Stalls ABC and Ling Long are the popular ones. It is highly recommended to order the coconut + sugarcane drink.

Pending Seafood Centre, Pending, Kuching

Pending seafood

Hidden in the industrial area of Kuching seats Pending Seafood. The place doesn’t look like much, and it seems like it’s a decaying place. However, the food served would change your perception on that because it is not only cheaper than some spots in town, but also nicer. There are several stalls at Pending Seafood with some not exactly serving seafood. However, this only adds to the beauty of the place because you get more variety. Not all stalls at Pending Seafood centre are halal, but most of the seafood stalls do not serve pork.
Tips: Here, you should try the sugarcane + lemon drink. It’s quite amazing to quench your thirst.

iCafe Seafood, Rubber Road Satok, Kuching


Not many, including locals know about iCafe Seafood, but if they did, they would know that it serves some of the best halal dishes in town, especially when it comes to seafood. The setting of the shop is simple, and the selection of seafood does seem limited although a quick glance at the menu will change your perception. Food in the cafe is slightly higher priced compared to other places, but that does come with its quality. iCafe excels at consistency and the family business enjoys good patronage regardless of the hour.
Tips: The salted egg crabs(featured photo above) is the best in town here, and always request to select your own crabs from their collection.

Rock Road Seafood, Rock Road, Kuching

rock road

Rock Road Seafood is a well established seafood place known among corporate people because it has air-condition at its premises. While it is deemed as an upper class dining place, walk-in is still acceptable, and there is no particular dress-code despite its stature. The food served at the restaurant is halal, and most customers have given high recommendations about the place by stating its superb service, as well as its good consistent quality. Compared to other more street like seafood places in Kuching, Rock Road Seafood is considered a bit more pricey than the rest, but that comes with the environment and the standards.  You also can order the expensive ‘Empurau’ fish here.
Tips: Dress accordingly because you don’t know who you would bump into, and be sure you bring extra cash, just in case. Bookings are encouraged.

Ling Loong Seafood, King Centre, Kuching

ling loong

Ling Loong Seafood at King Centre is the non-halal version of the famed Ling Loong stall at Top Spot Food Court, so you can expect to be served numerous dishes of pork upon request. There is nothing much to shout about the venue as it looks like a typical food shop in Kuching, but most customers to this shop have commended their speedy service and their fresh seafood. In fact, one could choose their own crabs which are placed at a display, so that’s a huge plus point.
Tips: Choose your own crab, and come early to get a space.

Bukit Mata Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Song, Kuching

Bukit Mata Seafood Jalan Song

Bukit Mata Seafood at Jalan Song is a new seafood place which is always packed. It occupies a two storey shoplot, and seating is available indoors (with aircond) and outdoors.  Here, you can request to be seated in a private room, but prior booking is required. Service is generally fast, but the seafood stock does diminish fast as they do not stock up much on a daily basis. I am not sure if it’s halal, but they do not serve pork and there is a large number of Muslim patrons as well.
Tips: Booking is highly encouraged, and inform them you want huge crabs if crabs is on your menu.

Muara Tebas Seafood, Muara Tebas, Kuching

Muara Tebas Seafood
Muara Tebas Seafood

One of the furthest seafood places in Kuching, the Muara Tebas Seafood has plenty of fresh seafood variety including clams, crabs, fish, squid, prawns and more, some even arriving as you are seated.  The prices in this restaurant is fair, and the place doesn’t serve pork.  To learn more, read our review about Muara Tebas Seafood.
Tips: Call in advance to make sure the place is open. Place closes at 8PM daily. Be prepared to pay for parking.

Did we forget your favourite seafood place or location? Let us know and we will check it out, and put it in this list!

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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