The beautiful golden sunset of Kuching can now be experienced over a wonderful buffet dinner at Riverside Majestic. The buffet called ‘Sungkei Ria’ offers both local and international delicacies with lots of priority on local Malay and Indian food.

Some of the food variety available at the Sungkei Ria buffet

You can enjoy a variety of sambal, cucur, drinks, and soups at this buffet.  Most notable are the roti  tissue, roti canai , cucur keria and sago gula.

For those interested to experience not only a wonderful meal, but also the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sun setting behind mysterious Mount Serapi, please call +6082247777 (ext 4412) to reserve a seat at the ‘Sungkei Ria’ Ramadhan buffet.  The buffet ends this coming 29th August 2011.