Are you one of those always asking for ‘Subway tapau‘ every time you know a friend or family member is going to KL?

Join in the rejoice as you don’t have to do that again!

Subway is opening in Kuching, and their first outlet is in Plaza Merdeka in Kuching.  That’s like smack in the middle of the city, and another reason to visit the mall that is located within Kuching’s historical side.

Before you go on to make a beeline for Plaza Merdeka, wait and read on.

We don’t know when Subway is actually opening just yet, but they are seeking for recruitment, and Plaza Merdeka posted the poster below.

Either way, wait for the official announcement, but if Kuching trends were to be followed, you are very likely to join a long queue for the sandwich when they do open because Kuching people are just excited like that.

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