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SIFMA 2022: An extraordinary presentation of art and culture

The Sarawak International Festival of Music and Art (SIFMA) 2022 concluded over the weekend with every performances deserving nothing less than a standing ovation.

Performed at the Sarawak Legislative Building (DUN Sarawak) Auditorium, the festival not only highlighted the impressive nature of Sarawak performing arts, but also showcased that there are efforts to nurture more talents to make Sarawak, perhaps, a music and arts powerhouse in the near future.

A kaleidoscope of colour and rhythm

Unlike most music festivals that have been making headway in Kuching of late, SIFMA 2022 presented something rather different as it showcased cultural performances, choral, dances and music.

We came for the second day and were pleasantly delighted with the performances which were arranged to fit the theme “Music that Illuminates”.

Briefly, the festival had Belgium pianist Dr Gilbert de Greeve, Malaysian renowned UITM Chamber Choir, Halili Cruz School of Dance from The Philippines, Sugapriya Ashok and Shilp Maitri Studio from India, SIFMA’s very own choir, Singaporean choir from Victoria Chorale, and Kenvy Music and Arts Academy.

What really illuminated it for us

If you do follow SIFMA 2022, you’d know that every performer blew away the guest with their stunning performances.

However, for us, there were some performances and things that really stood out.

The first was of course the sound system. The amazing sound system definitely complemented every performance allowing it to not only sound good, but also feel good.

Thanks to the brilliant sound system, the night went with accurate sounding vibes which accompanied every performances perfectly.

In fact, the sound system proved itself so well that it elevated the Chinese Ensemble by Kenwy Ho and the UITM Chamber Choir performances, to the extend we felt ‘goose bumps’ during their whole performances!

Another interesting moment was when a six year old boy came on stage to dance in full traditional Iban gear.

I thought he was stole the show in his very own way and somewhat showed SIFMA is eager to bring up young talents in both arts and music.

After the show, he was a hit among the ladies who were eager to take a photo with him as well.

Last but not least, the dancing performances, including the ballets were also very interesting to watch.

Their grace and energy showed in their performances, and it was just so good to watch.

Conclusion on SIFMA 2022

I left the hall feeling very satisfied with what I saw.

The scale of the event, as well as the quality of artist and production was just mind-blowing good.

The only thing I felt could be improved would be the stage which was slightly too ‘small’ and far from the audiences.

But that’s just a minor issue, and it may just be me.

Overall, SIFMA 2022 was something worth to attend and I can’t wait to come by again next year.

Huge love to all the performers, crews, and organizers for making SIFMA something worth to remember.

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Note: Anna Tiew attended on behalf of the KuchingBorneo team. This article is written based on her experience.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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