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Koplo Pentas Borneo 2024 happening in February

5,000 expected at BCCK for the ‘Koplo’ and the ‘Galau’ concert

The Koplo Pentas Borneo 2024 concert will be happening this Feruary 17 at the Borneo Concention Centre Kuching (BCCK).

According to the official Facebook page, this is the biggest dangdut concert in Sarawak.

Organizers, Pentas Borneo, are estimating some 5,000 fans attending the event which will feature two music genres: the ‘Koplo’ and the ‘Galau’.

Performers include Indonesian singer Siti Badriah, known for hits like ‘Lagi Syantik’ and ‘Lagi Tamvan’, Keris Patih and Luvia Band to the one day concert.

The organizers have also hinted they are trying to also include Indonesian, Vita Alvia to perform as the opening act of the concert.

The concert was supposed to be planned on January 2024, but had to be rescheduled to this new date due to unforseen circumstances.

Koplo Pentas Borneo 2024 tickets

Physical ticket sales for the concert will begin on January 13, with prices of tickets start from RM88.  Online ticket sales have already begun via

There would be four zones as seen below.

  • VIP zone: RM170
  • Koplo zone: RM120
  • Gold zone: RM99
  • Silver zone: RMM88

Ticket sales for each zones will be stopped once the allocated seats are filled.

About Koplo music genre

According to Wikipedia, Koplo or dangdut koplo is a subgenre of dangdut, Indonesian.  It is a popular dance and folk music that originated in East Java during the early 2000s.

Wikipedia further explains that the genre gets its name from the slang term “koplo” which refers to a hallucinogenic drug that is sold cheaply in Indonesia.

In terms of rythym, dangdut koplo is played at a faster tempo than the standard dangdut music and said to make listeners “feel high” thus gives the same effect of consuming koplo pills.

Dangdut koplo also differs musically from the regular dangdut in the dominant role of the drummer, which plays more complex drum patterns.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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