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Paku Rock Maze Garden, Bau

The Paku Rock Maze Garden in Bau is a primitive stone forest located nearby Paku Town.

The rock maze in this garden are said to be an extremely precious geological heritage site as it features natural rock formations.

According to the rock maze was previously an undeveloped primitive stone forest overgrown with shrubs.

However, in 2021, efforts were made to clean up the area which now makes it look how it is.

What to expect

The maze garden has a mini “Five Fingers Mountain” standing in the centre with its height only half a person’s body.

It has five uplifted ridges with spreading moss like a miniature model of a plateau mountain.

The name “Five Fingers Mountain” comes from the similar shape of its five ridges.

If you intend to go, be sure to wear shoes and wear clothing for trekking.

While the Rock Maze Garden is not a trekking site, the trail and path is rather rocky and and can be slippery.

Below are the photos of the Paku Rock Maze Garden shared by Tourism Malaysia Sarawak.

Paku Rock Maze Garden opening hours & entrance fee

The Paku Rock Maze Garden is open daily from 9AM to 5PM.

At the time of writing, entrance to the maze garden is free.

You are advised to observe the rules below when you go to the garden.

Where is Paku Rock Maze Garden

As mentioned above, the Rock Maze Garden is in Bau, which is about an hour drive from Kuching.

Getting here will require private transport and it is best to arrange your transportation to go and get back from the site as it is quite far from Kuching City.

The site itself is located just beside the main Bau – Kota Sentosa road and can be seen from the road side. It is just beside the Shiwang Temple.

The map below shows the exact location of the rock maze garden.

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