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Upgrading of Pending Recreational Park begins

The Pending Recrational Park is getting a new look with renovations and upgrading works now being carried out at the park.

According to an article by Borneo Post, the park upgrade is expected to run until 28 November 2022, in which RM494,447.50 has been approved for the works.

Based on the article, the upgrades will involve not only the footpaths and drainage, but also involve the installation of new signs, pergolas, benches, outdoor shed, a children’s playground and also outdoor fitness equipment.

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The budget also will be used to maintain existing plants, as well as the planting of new ones to further improve the physical appeal of the park.

The masterplan

It is noted that funding for the upgrades and renovation works of the park were sourced from the Federal Government under the National Landscape Department.

Based on the master plan obtained below, the park will see several structures being demolished new structures also being built.

From the plans, an existing shelter as well as several pavements and structures will be demolished while the toilets, ponds, pathways and trees in the park will be maintained and improved.

The new signage will also enhance the park’s status among recreational parks in Kuching as will have a rather unique design.

This new signage, located in front of the park, will be photo or Instagram friendly as you can see in the proposal below.

Illustration of the proposed upgrade

Below are artist impressions of the proposed upgrade of the park.  These images are obtained from MBKS Mayor Wee Hong Seng’s facebook.

Recreational parks in Kuching are known to be great jogging areas with these parks usually well visited during the evenings.

That said, the improvements planned for the Pending park is therefore much appreciated.

More about Pending Recreational Park

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Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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