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Sheraton Hotel Kuching to be first of its brand in Borneo

Sheraton Hotel Kuching will likely be the first of the Sheraton hotel chain in Borneo once it opens.

According to the official Sheraton Hotel website, there’s only two Sheraton hotels in Malaysia to date, with both being in the Klang Valley.

No Sheraton hotel chains are available in Brunei or Kalimantan, hence making the one in Kuching, once opened, to be the very first in Borneo.

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There are however plans to build Sheraton Kota Kinabalu, but I am not sure how far is the progress so far.

The question of what hotel would occupy the new hotel building in the city centre has long been a guessing game among locals with numerous hotel names, both Malaysian and International, thrown in the mix.

About Sheraton, the brand

In case you didn’t know, Sheraton is a brand under Marriott Bonvoy, which owns major hotel brands like Marriott, Westin, St Regis, Le Meredian, The Ritz-Charlton and many more.

They also own Four Points, which used to operate in BDC Kuching. That means the Marriott Bonvoy chain of hotels had previously entered the Kuching market prior to bringing in Sheraton.

However, unlike Four Points, Sheraton is considered a premium hotel chain in the many hotels owned by Marriott Bonvoy. Four Points is a tier under Sheraton.

To put the Sheraton brand into perspective, the brand is equal to Hilton Hotel & Resort which operates Hilton Kuching and Pullman Kuching which is a brand under Accor.

That said, the addition of Sheraton means there would be three premium international hotel brands in Kuching in the coming future.

Sheraton Kuching exterior

Nonetheless, with the sign of the hotel name fully up last week, the guessing game ends with the words ‘SHERATON’ clearly seen at the top of the building.

A simple search online reveals more details of this soon to be opened hotel.

According to an article by the Borneo Post, the 20 storey hotel will add some 300 rooms to Kuching’s hotel rooms.

It will boast an infinity pool on its rooftop, hence offering a breath-taking view of Kuching City, particularly the beautiful Kuching sunset.

Aki Media also shared images below on their website, giving everyone a glimpse of the hotel once completed.

Sheraton Kuching interior design

Another company, Blu Water Studio Sdn Bhd, is believed to be the interior designers of Sheraton Kuching.

They too had also shared images and renders of the hotel, which are largely focused on the interior of the hotel.

Based on the images shared, it seems that the hotel will have an executive lounge, bar, Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant, a Presidential Suite Bedroom and a massive ballroom.

Below are the images taken from Blu Water Studio’s website.

Sheraton Kuching opening date

Other details in regards to the hotel remain scarce, but the article by Borneo Post also mentioned that the hotel is expected to be operational by June or July.

Despite such news, booking of a hotel room in Sheraton Kuching is still not possible for now.

If we have more details on the hotel, we will definitely share them here as soon as we can.

In the mean time, I am sure many are excited to have an additional international hotel in Kuching.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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