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Noodle Descendents, Jalan Padungan

If you have a thing for pork ‘spare parts’ a.k.a innards, then Noodle Descendents is the place you must visit.

Here, the most popular dish served is a bowl of hot soup which contains boiled pork intestines, pork liver, mince pork meat, pork belly, salted vege, and more, and it is served with a choice of your favourite noodle or white rice.  The soup in general is called ‘mixed pork soup’.

But, the popular choice here would be to order the mix pork soup with Kolok Mee, and it is likely that you will leave the shop full.

The delights of this generation old shop extends also to the drinks they serve, in which they are also said to be serving one of the most delicious Teh ‘C’ Peng, Iced Coffee and Somboi Lemon (Sour plum with lemon) in town.

Each meals, including drinks would cost you around RM10, and you will need to queue up for a seat or table.  Here, you do not go to the counter to order your food but need to wait patiently for your order to be taken.

Waiting time can extend to over an hour during peak hours, do not come here if you are dread hungry, or in a rush. Well, the locals don’t call this shop ‘wait long long’ for nothing.

The place opens from 7AM,but food and drinks only gets served at 9AM. They are open until their ingredients run out, which is normally around 2.30PM onwards. They close every second Tuesday of the week.

To see what you can expect from Noodles Descendents, check out the photos we have from the shop below.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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