Tucked a little far from E-mart Batu Kawa (NOTE: Beginning April, Sorai Cafe has moved to Tabuan Tranquility, and while the location is new, the food remains as authentic as mentioned here ) in Tabuan Tranquility is this shop named Sorai Cafe.

Named after the lemongrass (Sorai is lemongrass in Bidayuh), an ingredient widely used by the Bidayuh’s in their cooking, Sorai Cafe is the latest to offer authentic Dayak Bidayuh food in the capital city of Sarawak.

The Cafe itself is owned by a Bidayuh, so nothing less than the closest to what the Bidayuh’s serve at home is expected. Lucky, they did deliver, handsomely.

When we visited the place it had only opened recently (try a week), and the place does look that it could do with more decorations.

Food however is a different story altogether. Keeping true to its theme to offer ‘authentic Bidayuh food’, Sorai Cafe has a huge list of Bidayuh fused cooking with things like fermented fish (Kasam ikan), fermented durian (tempoyak) and Dayak brinjal.

While other establishments in the city do offer Bidayuh cooking as well, Sorai Cafe goes a step further by offering the real deal with pork also being served. Those knowing the Bidayuh community would know that pork meat plays a huge role in the community’s cuisine hence making this little cafe something worth to try if you are looking to taste what is considered the closest Bidayuh commercialized cooking.

During our visit, the food served to us deserves rave reviews, but like most cafes, consistency in the next few years would be key.

Prices of the dishes are average, but since the service is good, portion is big, and the place (including toilet) is clean, it shouldn’t be an issue. Baby chairs are provided for those bringing infants.  Just to give you an idea,we spent RM50 (around USD12) for three medium sized meals (suitable for 2-3 person).

To go there, it is advisable to take a cab/taxi, unless of course if you are staying nearby, or have your own public transport.

Below are some photos related to Sorai Cafe. Do share your experience in the comment section if you have been here.