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How to travel around Kuching

Kuching is the city in Malaysia, which annually attracts thousands of tourists. The tourists know this place under the name “Cat City”. It has many sights and places to visit. If you decided to join this army of explorers of Malaysian culture, you may start with Kuching. The city has the Kuching International Airport, so you need to choose one of the cheapest first class deals to this destination, book a hotel and begin your adventure.

On your arrival to the airport, you will be escorted to the hotel and welcomed by the hotel personnel. After some rest, you will be full of energy and desire to go out and discover the magnificent charm of the city of Kuching. The most reasonable question is how to move around the city. Aside from renting a car in Kuching, the following tips will explain you the options and transport available in the capital of Sarawak State.

Hotel Bus Service

Many hotels provide shuttle bus services to the airport or other destinations. You can always address to the hotel staff and tell where you want to go out. Of course, you should learn the bus route and plan your trip in accordance with it. However, if you apply your charms and charisma, the driver can change the route a little in order to facilitate your city trip.

Public Bus

It is good way of traveling in Kuching. The public bus services are rather cheap. However, you should know that the buses are not frequent in Kuching because of lower population. Therefore, you will have to wait some time for the next bus. It is recommended to learn the routes of the bus numbers not to get lost. Ask the local citizens about your destination, and they would be pleased to help you in your trip. Be nice and you will be welcomed everywhere.


This is the easiest and most expensive way of traveling in Kuching. Naturally, the prices may seem quite low if compared with the prices of your native city. However, if traveling a lot around the city, this may cost you a fortune. Some taxi drivers prefer to ignore the charges for a kilometer distance and provide fixed rates to your destination. It is not recommended to use taxi if traveling to the places near the outskirts of the city, since the drivers may overprice the charges or simply refuse from the route, because it may be beyond their working territory.


If we mentioned the most expensive way of traveling, we should note the cheapest one. Of course, you will walk a lot while staying in Kuching. Therefore, it is advised to choose the hotel closer to the heart of city area, since the most of attractions are located nearby. Thus, you will save yourself of using buses or taxis when traveling around the sights and shopping malls of city. Another advantage of experiencing of Kuching by foot is the opportunity to see the innermost places of the city, which are usually hidden from the tourists’ eyes.


This is the best alternative to walking around the city. It is a cheap way of moving embracing the advantages of free travel. The main bazaar area is the place, where you can rent a surrey bike and enjoy the pedaling throughout the beautiful and native places of the city of Kuching. In addition, you will not only explore the sights of the city, but also improve your health and body. What a perfect option of traveling, isn’t it?

River Taxi

During your journey to Kuching, you have experienced almost the types of land and air transport. Now, it is time for water ride. Actually, water taxis are a traditional landmark of the city and the transport facility to get across the riverbank of Kuching Waterfront. The local citizens use them as public transport and the tourists as the attraction. The local name of such transport facility is sampan.

Enjoy your stay in Kuching and explore the city in any way comfortable to you.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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