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RWMF2019 preview & guide – Details on performers, tickets, what to expect and tips

The Rainforest World Music Festival 2019 (RWMF2019) is set to happen this coming 12th to 14th July.

The launch of the iconic music festival was done on 5th April.

Last year’s festival was lauded by many as being one of the best by far.  This had caused many to be excited about this years festival.

I am therefore pleased to share what I could gather about the RWMF2019, the 22nd edition of this award winning music festival.


Performers for the RWMF2019 include a good mix of local and international artiste.  Some of the artist like Druk Folk Musician and Sangtam Naga are very new to the festival.

Sangtam Naga
Sangtam Naga

The international acts at the RWMF2019 also include WAI (New Zealand), TRAD.ATTACK! (Estonia), Talisk (Scotland), Tabanka (Cape Verde), Spirit of the Hornbill (Indonesia), Sedaa (Iran/Mongolia), Sam Salvador (France), Rajery (Madagascar), Olga Cerpa Y Mestisay (Canary Island), Otava Yo (Russia), OKI (Japan), Mehdi Nasouli (Morocco), Mauravann (Mauritius), Macka B (Jamaica/UK), La Chiva Gantiva (Colombia), Kila (Ireland), Ha Noi Duo (Vietnam), Duplessy & The Violins Of The World ft. Guo Gan (France, China, Mongolia, Sweden) and Ana Acaide (Spain).

Ballet Folclorico de Chile Bafochi
Ballet Folclorico de Chile Bafochi

Leading the local performers are popular local bands At Adau and

They lead the list of other outstanding local bands which include Suku Menoa, Suk Binie, Staak Bisomu, Kemada and Darmas.

At Adau, rwmf2019
At Adau from Sarawak

From the looks of it, the most of the performers seem to have a string instrument hence making ‘strings’ quite prominent this year.  The video below gives a better idea of the over 200 performers for this years RWMF2019.


Popular side events particularly involving wellness and lifestyle had also been included intensively in this years RWMF.  I’ve noticed quite a number of Yoga related events listed this year in the festival program.

Like previous editions, the Rainforest World Crafts Bazaar would also be held simultaneously with the RWMF2019.

I am not sure if other programs such as Sape lessons, and children programs have been lined up during this years festival.

The organizers have yet to specify details on the popular workshops during the festivals as of 10 June 2019.

Based on the schedules, workshops begin at 2PM daily during the festival.  The evening concert starts at 5PM at the Big Tent Stage at Damai Central, before the bigger concert takes over at 7PM within the Sarawak Cultural Village.


The RWMF2019 would see the festival grounds to include the nearby Damai Central.  Most workshops and events would be at the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Damai Central is a free and easy open area selling food and drinks.  Usually, food and drinks at Damai Central are cheaper compared to the ones sold within the Cultural Village.

Food and beverages are available at the Food Mart section in the Culturale Village.

Souvenirs and gifts are available at the Village Mart section of the festival, also within the Cultural Village.

RWMF 2018
Damai Central is just beside the Sarawak Cultural Village

The Amphitheater and The Big Tent are two new stages housed at Damai Central.  However, as for now, I am not sure what is going to happen at the amphitheater.  The Big Tent would house concerts at 5PM – 730PM daily.

If you need to know what is where during he RWMF, here’s the map.

Map of happenings at the RWMF.

Note that the Big Tent is located near the beach side of Damai Central.


There are three different ticket prices for the festival.  Each price represents when you bought them.  The cheapest tickets can be bought during the early bird special which ends on 1st May.

After that, you can still get the tickets at cheaper rates during the pre-sale period which runs from 1st May to 11 July 2019.

If you failed to buy the tickets during the two discount periods, then you have to buy them at the door at the full price.

The full rates for all three periods can be seen below.



As usual, RWMF2019 shuttle bus service would be available at selected points during the three day duration of the festival.

Pick-up point will start at The Hills shopping mall and drop off will be at the Plaza Merdeka shopping mall.

Price for the shuttle service is RM15 (adult, per way) and RM10 (child, 7-12 years old, perway).

Ticket can be purchase at counter located at The Hills, Riverside Majestic Hotel, Harbour View Hotel and Plaza Merdeka shopping mall.

Parking space at the festival area is highly limited. Driving to the festival is therefore discouraged. There’s also a high chance you might have to leave your car at the side of the road where security presence is minimal or non-existent. If you do drive, cars must be left before the Damai Golf Club junction (Santubong T-junction).

For those driving to the RWMF2019, parking will be available before the Santubong Check Point.  Shuttle van service from that check point on is provided.  It is priced at RM7 (adults) and RM4 (children).

Rides by ride sharing app GRAB is also available



Kuching has a host of lovely hotels ranging from budget stays to high end five star hotels.  The full list of Hotels in Kuching according to their location can is listed in our Kuching Hotel Listing.

Riverside Majestic
Riverside Majestic

I would suggest hotels and accommodations which is closest to the RWMF2019 venue.

I listed them down in this post about TOP HOTELS TO STAY IN DURING THE RWMF.



If it’s your first time to the RWMF, here’s some pointers:

  • It takes 30 – 50 minutes from Kuching City to the venue
  • Food and drinks from outside aren’t allowed in the Sarawak Cultural Village. Stalls selling food and beverages, including beer are available within the venue.
  • ATM machines are not available in the vicinity of the festival
  • Workshops will start at 2PM and last until 5PM
  • Night concerts begin at 7PM
  • Concerts usually end by 12 midnight
  • Bottled mineral and drinking water is not allowed. Water stations are provided inside the festival area.

These tips I wrote might also help for the RWMF2019:

Also this is my post about the little things that made the Rainforest World Music Festival awesome.

Got a question? Please leave a comment!

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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