Kuching CMCO

Malaysia will allow domestic travel beginning 10 June as the nation begins a new phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO), now called Recovery MCO (RMCO).

The previous phase, named Conditional MCO is scheduled to be lifted this coming June 9.

Malaysia Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said in a live telecast that inter-state travel will now be allowed as well, enabling everyone to move more freely within the country.

Despite the allowance to do inter-state travel, international traveling will still not be allowed as the public is still bared from leaving or entering the country.

Travel would also not be allowed in areas which are declared Enhanced MCO.

According to Muhyiddin, the RMCO plans to slowly get the country back on its feet as the number of Covid-19 cases among Malaysians continue to dwindle significantly.

While it was not noted by Muhyiddin in his speech, the lifting of inter-state travel to Sarawak, as well as travel restrictions between districts in Sarawak is still on-going as the Sarawak Disaster Management Council (SDMC) has yet to lift such restrictions as of Muhyiddins announcement.

This assumption is based on previous decisions during the MCO which saw Sarawak only following announcements made by the federal government after the decision was approved and announced by SDMC.

My understanding is that Muhyiddin’s announcement meant that come June 10, traveling out of Sarawak will be unrestricted although it may be a different story if the SDMC retains its strict restrictions as done now.

Currently, those intending to travel to Kuching (and Sarawak) need to adhere to several Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) including making applications to the Sarawak government and obtaining a health declaration from before flying in.

Different travel restrictions between Malaysia and Sarawak is due to the special immigration control promised under the Malaysian agreement which sees Sarawak owning control over its borders.

You can watch the full address by Muhyiddin below.