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Walk-in by appointment vaccination in Kuching starts 23 July 2021

If you have not got your Covid-19 vaccination yet, there’s good news for you because walk-in by appointment vaccination in Kuching, as well as the whole of Sarawak will begin from 23 July onwards.

The move will involve all Vaccination Centres (PPVs) in Sarawak, with the ‘walk-in vaccination offer’ ending on 5th August 2021.

It also involves those whom have yet to get their first Covid-19 dose.

How does the walk-in vaccination work?

If thousands were to just simply walk-in to PPVs and demand vaccination, one can likely foresee chaos at these centres.

Therefore, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has advised members of the public to book their walk-in slots before hand.

To do so, the public needs to call their local Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) to book their vaccination time and date, before coming in for vaccination.

To book an appointment, you can call your closest DDMC as seen below.

Walk-in by appointment vaccination in Kuching

You might be turned away if you walked-in without an appointment.

Why get vaccinated?

It is important to note that vaccination will not make you immune to Covid-19.

However, scientific data and studies have proven that vaccination does decrease the chance of you getting severe Covid-19, and decreases your chances of dying from the virus.

You can read about Covid-19 vaccination on the US CDC website.  You can also read the Covid-19 vaccination FAQ on the WHO website to know more.

It is true that Sarawak is the fastest region in Malaysia to vaccinate its population and this is largely attributed to tireless work from the frontliners, good on-the-ground coordination and also constant vaccine supply into Sarawak.

At the time of writing, Sarawak comes in second after Labuan when it comes to vaccination of adults for Covid-19.

This fact is, Sarawak needs to achieve herd immunity in order for the economy to fully reopen.

As a matter of fact, the Sarawak government had previously made it mandatory for eateries to have vaccinated workers in order for them to operate.

Hope after ‘Walk-in by appointment vaccination in Kuching’

With the ‘Walk-in by appointment vaccination in Kuching’ and Sarawak, it is hoped that the number of Covid-19 cases, as well as clusters will dwindle.

Most of us are tired and worn out of the restrictions imposed and we are eager to get back to our normal lives.

It is hoped that does who haven’t been vaccinated will take up this ‘Walk-in by appointment vaccination offer’ so that the number of Covid-19 cases will decrease, and restrictions will eased for the economy to restart.

That said, stay safe and let’s hope for better days.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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