Most travelers tend to wonder what they should order locally in Kuching. Here’s a simple guide of the top 5:

Midin Belacan
Midin belacan is cooked fried with two main ingredients, namely Midin and belacan (shrimp paste). Midin is so popular that you can easily locate it in any dining spots in Kuching. The price of midin belacan varies but you can normally get a small serving for as low as RM8.

Curry Bamboo Clams
Bamboo Clams or better known as Ambal is a seasonal dish. The Ambal would be friend in curry powder and would normally be served with it’s shells still very well intact. Curry Ambal is available in most night spot dining around town and would cost RM20 due to its seasonal status.

Chicken Pansoh
Chicken Pansoh is a traditional Dayak dish which infuses tapioca leaves, chicken and spices in a bamboo. The bamboo is cooked to perfection and it is served best when hot. This dish can only be found in certain places and is normally a little pricey with prices going from RM18. Nonetheless, it is worth the money.  Thank you to for a fresh photo of Ayam Pansoh.

Umai is a local Melanau delicacy in which raw fish is mixed with chilies, salt, onions and lime, and hence creating a blissful taste when going into the mouth. The dish is hard to find as it involves a lot of preparation and the fish used needs to be fresh. A typical small serving cost over RM15.

Oyster Omelette
Oyster Omelet is considered a Chinese delicacy. It is basically an omelet combined with oyster which is fried in a pan to create a thin, crispy yet delicious serving. A small portion which is enough for 3 person would normally cost RM14 above.

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  1. …and of course the laksa and the kolo mee goes without saying!

    I enjoy all these dishes except the oyster omelette. I prefer the “o chien” they way they make it in Penang instead of this crispy way.

  2. Don’t forget our amazing laksa! Never tried oyster omelette before.. but midin belacan is definitely my favorite, cooked kampung style! \m/