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WAK2018: Vital Possessions by Marc Nair

What About Kuching’s (WAK) Vital Possessions is nothing but mainstream.

The poetic night which was performed by Marc Nair saw not less than five poems and songs performed to the delight of the intimate crowd that attended.

Among the highlights of his performances were Styrofoam be Home (song), Greenhouse Gasses (experimental song), Our Hive, We Step on Snails (Experimental Song) and Foreign Workers (Monologue Poem).

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Greenhouse Gasses was about nature and our relationship with it. It was intriguing to see how the tow are combined in an experimental song.

Our Hive proved to be very distinctive as it was performed in a Ghazal Poetic form, which meant it was composed using a minimum of 5 couplets, with each couplets being an independent poem and has one to three words that repeat.  I was impressed by how well the poem turned out and it was certainly something very unique.

As more poems and songs were presented, I found myself really engaged with what I saw that night because it felt just so soulful and insightful.

It’s very seldom to hear and see poets performing in Kuching, and Wordsmith of Kuching did a fabulous job to bring Vital Possessions by Marc Nair this time around for the What About Kuching festival.

Marc Nair himself, being a talented poet and photographer from Singapore, ensured his experience in delivering spoken words was seen through his performances.  He was not only very convincing through his delivery, but his ability to capture the crowd proved his wealth of experience.

Since I’m not exactly really familiar with spoken words, I really can’t describe the poems and songs that were performed in more detail. I do wish I could.

Anyway, below are some photos from the night. They aren’t many photos because events in spoken words doesn’t exactly have much ‘action’ to begin with.

Marc adjusting the microphone before he starts
wak2018 Vital Possessions
The crowd inside the hall
During the Marc’s session
Merchandise on sale
The crowd outside the room

Anyway, during WAK’s Vital Possessions, I was told that most poems performed that night are also available in Marc Nairs 9th book. The book as I understand is much more experimental compared to his previous ones.

If you are keen to know more about spoken words, checkout Wordsmiths of Kuching on Facebook.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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