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Siniawan Police Museum

The Siniawan Police Museum is currently undergoing renovations and reconstruction works.

It was previously the old Police Station, which will be converted into the new museum with an allocation of RM6 million.

Works on the museum have been announced in June 2023, with the 100 year old museum expected to showcase the history of Sarawak and the police force in Sarawak under the Brooke, Japanese, British and Malaysian governments.

The museum before it was converted. Photo credit:

What to expect

The police station itself is considered an important landmark as was built more than 100 years ago.

The layout plan of the museum shows the museum showcasing information on Sarawak and Bau history, the police force under the Brooke, Japanese, British and Malaysia, and a gallery of Sarawak under Japanese occupation.

Aside from the plan seen below, there’s not much to be mentioned just yet.

Layout of the Siniawan Police Museum. Photo credit: Borneo Post

Siniawan Police Museum opening hours

The museum is still under renovation and there is no official opening time just yet.

Siniawan Police Museum location

More on the Police Museum

To learn more about the Sarawak police force as well as read more articles related to the the police, check out the links below.

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