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Bau Sports Arena

The Bau Sports Arena is a proposed multi-sports complex in Bau, Kuching, which was proposed in 2017.

Here, activities such as futsal, badminton, tennis, Muay Thai and swimming can be played or done.

The proposal is also proposing the inclusion of a club house, meeting rooms, restaurant and hostel.

A report by DayakDaily said that the arena’s construction will be divided into several phases with the first phase covering parking facilities, futsal and badminton areas.

The second phase will see the clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis court being constructed.

The thirds and last phase will see the development of hostels as well as other facilities.

Prior to this, a 10 acre land in Jambusan was said to be the site of the arena, but a recent social media posting by Dato Henry Jinep said that the site covers 5 acres.

The tender for the project was made available in May 2023.

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What to expect

Expect the arena to be filled with activities as it will be a one stop centre for a lot of popular sports.

The arena is also expected to have Bau’s first public swimming pool.

Below are artist impression of the arena so far, obtained from the social media page of Dato Henry Jinep.

More photos of the arena will be shared once we obtain them.

Bau Sports Arena opening hours

The operational hours for the arena has yet to be established.

Bau Sports Arena location

For now, it is only known that the arena will sit in Jambusan, which is a small area in Bau.

The map will be shared here once it is tagged in Google Maps.

More on Bau Sports Arena

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