Sarawak Malaysia National Archive (Sarawak National Archive of Malaysia)

The Sarawak Malaysia National Archive, also known as Sarawak National Archive of Malaysia, is the fifth building of such purpose in Malaysia. The five storey...

The Ranee Museum: All you need to know

The Ranee Museum in Kuching is curated by the Brooke Trust, and is dedicated to the life, legend and legacy of Margaret de Windt,...

The Brooke Gallery: All you need to know

The Brooke Gallery is a museum dedicated to the story of Sarawak's White Rajahs which once ruled Sarawak. It is located in a fort known...

Borneo Cultures Museum Kuching: All you need to know

The Borneo Cultures Museum is located just adjacent the Sarawak Museum (old building) which was previously the site for the Dewan Tun Abdul Razak. It...

Petrosains PlaySmart Kuching

The Petrosains PlaySmart Kuching is a satellite science centre which extends the Petrosains PlaySmartâ„¢ experience in KLCC to communities outside of the Klang Valley. The...

Planetarium Sultan Iskandar Kuching

Planetarium Sultan Iskandar Kuching, or better known as Kuching Planetarium among locals, was opened on 19 January 1989. It is the first of its kind...

Sarawak Museum (Old Building)

The Sarawak Museum is located adjacent to the Borneo Cultures Museum. Known also as the 'old building' (Ethnology Museum), the museum had undergone renovation and...

Sarawak Archive Kuching

Sarawak Archive Kuching is currently under construction in Petra Jaya, Kuching. The two and a half storey building was approved by the Sarawak Government in...

Bau Gold Mine Museum, Kuching

The Bau Gold Mine Museum is a project under the 12th Malaysian Plan, with construction expected to begin in 2021. The museum project would cost...
Fort Margherita Brooke's Gallery

Fort Margherita Kuching (Booke’s Gallery)

Fort Margherita is a monument of great significance in Kuching. Its history dates back to the Brooke Dynasty and was built in 1879 on a...

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