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Pilling works begin in Kuching for Borneo-Malaysia’s first Science Centre

Pilling works on the first dedicated Science Centre has begun this week in Petra Jaya, Kuching – Malaysia Borneo.

News on such works had been reported by the media with the project expected to start building the main building soon after.

According to a news report by New Sarawak Tribune, some 600 piles with a depth of up to 24 meters would be planted into the ground for the centre which would cost RM239 million to complete.

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It will have hostels, and four storeys of exhibition space for different types of Science themes.

First Science Centre in Borneo?

According to the same report, the Science Centre will be the first dedicated Science Centre across Borneo.

Our checks found out there is indeed no dedicated or huge Science Centre in Borneo, which includes Brunei and Kalimantan to date.

However, Brunei does have the Seria Energy Lab which somewhat doubles as a science centre which was previously more focused on Oil and Gas.

We couldn’t find any information on a dedicated science centre in Kalimantan, and neighboring Sabah had stated they are planning to build one and had identified several locations for such project.

However, there hasn’t been any mention of a Science Centre materializing in Sabah just yet.

Read more about the Sarawak Science Centre in the links below.

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