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Book your ‘Borneo Cultures Museum’ date to visit

You are encouraged to book your ‘Borneo Cultures Museum’ date if you intend to visit the museum.

This comes as the largest museum in Malaysia, the Borneo Cultures Museum, will be officially opened on 4th March 2022, confirming earlier reports by a local newspaper.

The museum opening event will be graced by the Sarawak head of state, the honourable Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud.

Why book your ‘Borneo Cultures Museum’ date

Members of the public however can only visit the museum from 9 March 2022 as this is the date the museum will be opened to the public.

According to the museum authorities, there will be a a cap on the number of visitors at one time with only 500 visitors allowed entry at one time.

That said, the museum authorities are encouraging members of the public to pre-book their tickets for entry into the second largest museum in South East Asia.

“Visitor are encouraged to pre-book their visits. Entry is limited to 500 pax in the building at a time. Online bookings can be made for morning and afternoon visits, from 1st march 2022 onwards.” the museum said on its official Facebook page.

How to get a ticket to Borneo Cultures Museum

An announcement on the official website of the museum ‘popped up’ a the banner below which reads that bookings can be made from March onwards, with booking methods to be advised.

It is likely that booking for a ticket into the museum can only be done via online means, with the museum likely to utilize its mobile app and website for booking purposes.

Source: Borneo Cultures Museum

Excitement fills Kuching

The coming opening of the museum is much welcomed by locals.  ‘Teasers’ from inside the museum have showered the internet over the past few month, spiking interest in one of Kuching’s most unique structures.

That said, it is likely that the crowd to the museum will be huge during the first few weeks of its opening.

If you want to learn more about the museum, feel free to go to this post which has detailed information on the museum.

Else, you can always book a tour to Kuching here or stay a a hotel nearest to the museum.



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