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Padawan Council announces Ramadan Bazaar locations in Padawan

The Padawan Municipal Council had announced that there will be six major Ramadan Bazaar locations in Padawan.

According to an article by SarawakVoice, the six Bazaars locations will be split between private and local community organizers.

Local community organizers will be organizing three, while Emart subsidaries and Azfa Sucess will be organizing the other three.

Ramadan Bazaar locations in Padawan

The locations under local community organizers will be:

  • Sentosa Square by Persatuan Peniaga dan Penjaja Sarawak
  • Taman Malihah carpark by Jawatankuasa Taman Malihah Fasa 1
  • Lee Ling Commercial Centre (Matang Jaya) by Kelab Silat Olahraga Gerak Kuntau Melayu Asli

Meanwhile, the private entities will organize Ramadan Bazaars at the following locations.

  • Emart Matang by Emart Reality (Kuching) Sdn Bhd, di kawasan parkir Emart Batu Kawa
  • Emart Batu Kawa by Emart Property Batu Kawa Sdn Bhd)
  • Prince Commercial Centre Batu 7 by Azfa Sucess Enterprise

Returning after two year hiatus

Ramadan Bazaars are usually associated with being a food festival in Kuching.

However, it is usual to also have these bazaars sell clothing and decorations meant for Hari Raya.

Ramadan Bazaars were a norm prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the fanfare was halted due to the pandemic as such activities encourage crowds and gatherings.

The return of these events will be welcomed by many, but of course with much hope that it will not cause an increase in Covid-19 infections.

If you need a guide to Ramadan Bazaars in Kuching, check out my article about Ramadan Bazaars.

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