Nyamai Sarawak Gastronomy Festival 2024

Entry to festival open on 14-15 September

The Nyamai Sarawak Gastronomy Festival 2024 will be held this coming 13 – 15 September at the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV).

According to a news report by Borneo Post, the festival will celebrate Sarawak’s rich and diverse culinary heritage with the festival highlights including culinary challenges, and a mega gastronomy buffet.

The news article further says that the festival will also support local farmers and the sustainability agenda through its ‘from farm to table’ concept.

This will be done by highlighting the journey of local produce harvested to being served on the table.

The second edition of this festival is regarded as the ‘Malaysia Day Edition’ as it falls close to Malaysia Day which is on 16 September.

About Nyamai Sarawak Gastronomy Festival

According to the website, Nyamai Sarawak Gastronomy Festival or better known as Nyamai Sarawak, is a celebration of diversity and a reflection of the coexistence of various cultural identities with food being the bridge, connecting communities and generations, and offering a glimpse into the rich heritage of Sarawak.

The festival therefore provides an immersive experience into the cultural fabric of the region, offering a taste of the history, traditions, and the warm hospitality that defines Sarawakian society.

Entry to the festival

The festival is open to the public and entry is free.

However, the first day of the event, which is the 13 September, is reserved for a dinner by invitation only.

The general public can come to the festival for free from Sept 14 to 15.

More information on the festival is available on the official website at Nyamai.com.  You can also check out other events in Kuching in our event listing here.


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