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Neon Borneo Festival 2022: DJ Lia Lisse headlines 3 day festival in Miri

The Neon Borneo Festival 2022 will be organized this coming 7 – 9 Oct 2022 after being absent for two years due to the pandemic.

According to the organizers, the event has been rebranded from Neon Beer Festival, but retains the same organizers, namely iPrima Media and Village Sound System.

This three-days music-themed festival will be filled with atmospheric neon lighting and decoration, not forgetting music. 

Highlights for Neon Borneo Festival 2022

The headline for this years festival is Belarus born DJ LIA LISSE which is one of the top 50 female DJs in Europe.

The profile of the deejay was shared by the organizers in the poster below.

Performers for the festival are mixed with both local and international artist and deejays gracing the stage.

The performing during this 2022 festival can be seen below.

Neon Borneo Festival 2022 tickets

Ticket prices to the festival are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) and they are sold in stages with those buying early able to get special discounts.

Prices of the tickets start from RM79, and you get cheaper rates if you buy for all three days at RM299.  The pricing for the tickets are seen in the poster below.

Tickets are available at the link below.

Venue and layout 

The organizers of the event have already made it known that the event will be held at Cococabana Miri, abouot an hour by flight from Kuching, and almost a days drive if by road from Kuching.

Updates on the layout of the festival will be shared here in due time once made available by the organizers.

it is highly recommended that you book a hotel in Miri if you want to go to the festival as it would save you on transportation. You can check the availability of hotels in Miri in the link below.

Neon Borneo Festival 2022 schedule

If you have already bought your tickets, the performer schedule for the festival is seen below.

At the time of writing, no time frame of each performer has been released.

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