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Kuching International Airport upgrade to Airport 4.0 on-going

The Kuching International Airport will receive an upgrade with some RM2.9 million set aside by its operators, the Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, for such purpose.

According to a report by the Borneo Post, the upgrade will be done from this year to 2025.

The report further detailed that the upgrades will see improvements done in general facilities, baggage handling systems and aerobridges of the airport.

Aside from that, there are also plans to expand the airport, but such move will need acquisition of land by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad.

If expanded, the development would include additional buildings, extra check-in counters, offices of government agencies and airlines, and signage.

It is understood that development works further enhance Kuching International Airport towards airport 4.0.

What is Airport 4.0?

According to an article by The Malaysian Reserve, Airport 4.0 is an initiative that includes the transformation into a smart airport that uses “single token” data for passengers to pass through all touch points seamlessly and provide personalised services.

In other words, airport 4.0 will focus on connectivity and realtime information by connecting all stakeholders in one fully integrated digital ecosystem.

More on Kuching International Airport

If you need more information about flights as well as the Kuching International Airport, check out the links below.

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