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RWMF set to remain in Sarawak

The popular Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) will not be moving out of Sarawak.

According to an article by Borneo Post, the confidence was stated by STB chairman Dato Dennis Ngau.

Dennis was quoted as saying that STB will continue organizing the festival and look at ways to make it even more appealing.

He was also quoted by the daily as saying that the festival is a key attraction for Sarawak ,and his team is already discussing about the 2025 edition of the festival.

Dennis also made it clear that STB has no intention to move RWMF outside of Sarawak.

The 27 year old festival hit it’s highest number of attendees this year, hitting close to a full house on all three nights of the festival.

RWMF as a franchise

Previously, it was reported also by Borneo Post, that chief executive officer of STB, Sharzede Salleh Eskor, had somewhat agreed that there is a possibility that the RWMF brand could be further promoted through ‘licensing’ or ‘franchising’ agreements.

She also noted that while RWMF will always remain in Sarawak, such opportunity, though ‘intriguing’, would require careful and strategic planning.

Sharzede was also quoted as saying that even if the RWMF, or something similar was held elsewhere with STB being invited to do so, the festival will always be held in Sarawak.

Rumours of a possible move for the festival started when Malaysia’s music legend Datuk Zainal Abidin suggested a collaboration between the Thai Music Festival and RWMF.

READ more about the RWMF here, or the recently concluded RWMF 2024.

You can also get more information about RWMF 2025 here.


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