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Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) 2024 announce ticket prices

500 super early bird tickets for each category to be made available on Sunday

The Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) 2024 is the largest outdoor music festival in Sarawak, and it will be held in Stadium Sarawak.

Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) 2024 tickets

Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2024 organizers today announced the ticket prices for Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2024, as well as the up-coming sale of the Super Early Bird Tickets.

The Super Early Bird tickets, limited to just 500 in number for each zone, would start from RM198, reaching up to RM7,500 for a VIP Table of five.

There are four zones namely VIP, rock zone, party zone and general admission.

According to a statement on their official social media site, the tickets would be sold this coming Sunday, 7th of July 2024 at 12PM.

Those who purchase the Super Early Bird tickets will get a limited edition BSMF’24 tee which BSMF said is only available during this stage.

Interestingly, BSMF has not announced any firm artist line-up for the festival despite opening sales for the Super Early Bird tickets.

However, those who buy the tickets at this stage will save a lot because early bird tickets for the Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2024 would start at RM298, while normal tickets would start at RM388.00

Those buying tickets for the Rock Zone and Party Zone also stand to save up to RM400 if they buy their tickets during this Super Early Bird sales.

The full ticket prices can be seen below.

To buy the tickets, you can visit this link.

Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2024 adds glamping and run to festival (27 June 2024)

The biggest music concert in Malaysian Borneo – Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) had reaffirmed the concert dates and venue for the 2024 edition.

As mentioned on earlier this year, the concert will be on October 11 to 12 at Sarawak Stadium.

According to an article by New Sarawak Tribune, the organizers are expecting more than 36,000 concert goers this year with a more diverse range of performers.  Last year, an estimated 31,000 came to the first ever Borneo Sonic Music Festival.

This year, the concert is expected to feature K-Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, and EDM, with the BSMF 2024 now including the Borneo Sonic Food Carnival at Dataran Stadium (Stadium Square) from October 9 until Oct 12, 2024.

The new addition anticipates 50 food and drink vendors and 20 stalls offering non-food items at the square with attendees able to enjoy music performances, games, giveaways, and more.

In addition to that, the festival will also introduce glamping sites for the first time with the BSMF 2024 Camping Ground allocated at Football Field D (Padang D) which is just 200 metres from the venue.

The event would also organize its very own run, called Borneo Sonic Music Run on Saturday, October 12, 2024.

This run which would be at Sarawak Stadium, would cover a route of 3KM, and targets 1,000 participants.

Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2024 dates announced (18 Feb 2024)

The much awaited Borneo Sonic Music Festival for 2024 has announced its festival and concert dates.

According to a reels posted by the organizers, the concert dates would be on 11 and 12 October 2024, which is a Friday and Saturday. The dates are a week later to last year’s festival which was also held on the first week of the October.

The line-up of the coming concert has not been revealed, but if the 2023 festival was to be any benchmark, it would likely include major names from around the globe.

The venue of the concert is likely to remain unchanged with the festival likely to retain Stadium Sarawak as its venue considering it is the largest open venue in Sarawak at the moment, able to hold over 30,000 concert goers at one time.

The previous concert accomodated 31,000 fans in two days.

With the concert announced so much earlier this time around, one can expect better preparations, as well as facilities for Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2024.

This is especially since the possible venue, which is Stadium Sarawak itself, is currently undergoing maintenance and improvements in anticipation for the coming Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) which will be held in July 2024.

For more details on the coming BSMF 2024, keep following KuchingBorneo and check out the links below.


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