56 Hotel, Kuching Budget Hotel
56 Hotel

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Kuching Budget Hotels cater for the budget concerned traveler whom are concerned about spending too much on accommodation.

Since Kuching is the land of adventure, splurging way too much on accommodation may not be best since one will likely only use to refresh and recharge themselves after a good day exploring Kuching’s interesting sights and activities.

However, Kuching hotels in this category does not mean they are below par in terms of amenities and services.

In fact, some so called budget accommodations also have their own building with private parking facilities.

Most Kuching budget hotels are not only clean and neat, but also offer quality accommodation for their guest.  Their service have also been known to be of high standards despite their ‘budget’ label.

The only drawback of these budget accommodations will likely be the lack of facilities at your disposal, but these are neglectable since many do not use such facilities either.

Regardless, if you are coming to Kuching on a shoe-string budget, these hotels are among those you can consider.

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