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Carlsberg celebrates Gawai with special edition cans

Building on the robust success of last year’s ‘Raikan Kebanggaan Sabah & Sarawak’ campaign celebrations, Carlsberg Smooth Draught returns to Kuching just in time for Gawai, with yet another artful affair to recognise and pay homage to the pride of Sarawak’s heritage, traditions and natural wonders.

This time around, the campaign puts forward appreciation and celebration of the vibrant art of the stunning Borneo islands through Carlsberg Smooth Draught special-edition cans.

These cans are designed exclusively for Sarawak and Sabah with a special event held at the D’Belian, Kuching just recently.

The event at D’Belian

During this cultural-rich affair, six icons, namely the Orangutan, the majestic Kinabalu mountains and Rafflesia of Sabah, as well as the Longhouse, Hornbill and Sape of Sarawak were proudly displayed on the ‘Raikan Kebanggaan Sabah & Sarawak’ special-edition cans and bottles.

These display was further infused with tattoo art which were designed by local Borneons, Ernesto Kalum and Carlos Benny, who were also present at the event.

Besides having tattoos done at the event, guest were able to enjoy the night with an iconic bamboo bar that served Carlsberg Smooth Draught infused Tuak Bomb, as they feasted themselves to tasty local delicacies served during the event.

Guests were also entertained with colourful native dance performances and At Abud, a band that performed a mixture of contemporary and traditional Bornean music.

Carlsberg offers prizes

While you can’t attend the event since it’s already over, you can still grab yourself the unique cans until the end of June.

Carlsberg in a statement said that those buying their beer stand a chance to win cool gadgets.

These gadgets including the iPad Air, iPhone and AirPods.

All one needs to do is purchase at least RM200 of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught at participating bars and pubs, 12 big bottles at food courts and coffee shops, or a 24-can carton at super hypermarkets and other retail outlets, respectively, in a single receipt.

Aside from that, consumers can also redeem limited-edition Sabah and Sarawak t-shirts, while stocks last.

With Gawai just around the corner, the perks by Carlsberg are much fitting, but do remember that when you drink, drink responsibly.

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Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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