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Kubah Ria Complex Kuching

The Kubah Ria Complex is a popular halal eating spot which opened in August 2010.

The Complex comprises of 44 food stalls and 47 retail outlets and is considered a landmark which fronts the Sarawak River and the popular Satok Suspension Bridge.

Here you can taste a variety of Sarawak’s favourite local hawker food like Sarawak Laksa, Kolo mee, Linut, Sarawak Umai and others.

Seafood is also served by some of the hawkers here.

In the retail outlets, Sarawak handicraft, Kek lapis Sarawak (layer cake), fabric textile, pharmacy, saloons are available.

The complex has a central Concourse area where events and activities like singing competition, cooking contest, product launching etc. are held.

What to expect

This place is usually very packed at night and parking can be difficult.

However, there’s a lot of food and variety of food to choose from as there are many stalls.

During the day, you can enjoy the view of the Sarawak river, while at night you can enjoy the lighted Satok Suspension Bridge.

Kubah Ria operating house

Kubah Ria is open daily from 10.00 a.m to 10.00 p.m.

During major Muslim related celebrations like Hari Raya, the number of stall operating may be reduced as most of the hawkers are Muslim.

Kubah Ria location

Here’s tips on how to go to Kubah Ria (Kubah Ria directions):

  • By bus: Take the Kuching Electric Bus (Kuching ebus) and stop at Medan Niaga Satok. Kubah Ria is just beside the market with a huge sign KUB@H RI@. The bus schedule can be seen here.
  • By foot: Depending on your location, use the map below for directions.
  • By car: Charter a car using ride hailing apps and select Kubah Ria as your destination. Download the apps here.

The map to Kubah Ria can be seen below, in case you need it.

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