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Rainforest In The City 2019 – What Kuching needs

Have you heard of the Rainforest In The City 2019?  There’s a slight chance you may have heard of it, but it is more popular on social media as #RITC19.

The event is held from 2nd July to the 11th of July at the Kuching Amphitheater.

I decided to check it out with my family today because the weather was good and it seemed interesting.


It’s hard to miss the venue of the event as the Kuching Amphitheater in the middle of the city and I pass it almost daily.

Rainforest In The City 2019
The logo of the RITC19 greets you immediately upon entering the Kuching Amphitheater

Personally, I have always loved the Kuching Amphitheater although parking around the venue is always an issue, typically because I am a Malaysian and I hate to walk far.

Nonetheless, for that particular night I decided to go to the RITC19, there was a parking spot just at the road side, so I didn’t have to walk far.

As I walked into the venue, the bright neon lights were obvious.

A member of the Rainforest In The City 2019 staff approached us and asked us to register our attendance by scanning a QR code.

My wife tried finding her QR Code reader but failed and so we ended up not registering at all and went on in.

There wasn’t any perks for registering anyway, so I felt there wasn’t a need to trouble myself.

The old trees around the amphitheater look even grander during RITC19


Within the open space of the Kuching Amphitheater, colourful neon lights create an amazing scene which made the whole amphitheater look really colourful and beautiful.

Rainforest In The City
Colorful ball installations

The organizers had used the great old trees surrounding the amphitheater as a large canvas to show a kaleidoscope of images which is called the “Forest Projection Mapping”.  The emcee of the night said it was the largest projection in Sarawak (or did she say Kuching?). I’m not sure.

In the centre of the amphitheater, neon lights were placed on metal structures to create a purple light tunnel.  The tunnel, named ‘Tunnel of Life’ was one of the most popular features in the Rainforest In The City 2019.

The Tunnel of Life

I tried taking a photo with my family, but none came out right due to the crowd. Perhaps more light tunnels should be built next year.  Regardless, I loved the idea and arrangement.

Beside the light tunnel was a massive area which had colorful lighted ball installations.

With the ground being dry, it served perfect as a place to take photos.  I noticed children were ecstatic with the lights as they enjoyed themselves running to each lighted ball in glee.  Teens seem to love taking selfies with the balls as well.

Not far from the ball installations was a nicely LED decorated tree which was dubbed as the ‘Tree of life’.

The tree of life

I loved the idea of the Tree of Life, but did wish the background was darker so that the LED lighting would prevail more.


The only paved road heading into the Kuching Amphitheater was reserved for food stalls.

These food stalls sold a variety of delicious street food such as burgers, hotdogs, and fries.  There were also canned drinks and other delights I couldn’t recall.

Rainforest In The City
The food stalls at the event

Just as I walked out after the 8:30PM Forest Projection Mapping display, a local band called Andro Keebox started performing soft mellow music.

I was told there’s other acts as well performing during the whole nine nights of the Rainforest In The City and they include Swaiv, Ezra & Hafiz, Jackson Micheal, Raban Kenyalang, and my favourite Pinanak Sentah.

I left the event at about 9PM after spending about two hours there.

Lovely colored balls


I believe the Rainforest In The City is a great family event. It is exactly what Kuching needs and I hope it gets better next year.

All around the event space families, which include children, were enjoying themselves.

The event is something quite different from the usual festivals organized in Kuching, and entry is absolutely free!

As a matter of fact, my four year old daughter also had a blast and was key in making us to stay longer at the event.

The Projection Mapping show

Anyway, if you do plan to go, the event ends this 11th July 2019.

Projection Mapping Showtimes are planned at 8:30PM, 9:30PM and 10:30PM daily with the event itself ending at 11:00PM.

As I said earlier, finding parking may be slightly problematic, so drive only if you have to.  I do encourage you to wear light clothing when going to the event. It can be slight warm, since Kuching is in the tropics.

Do also bring cash because there’s no ATM machines nearby, and remember that all lights and installations should be treated with care.

For those not familiar with Kuching’s geograhy, here’s where the Kuching Amphitheater (event venue) is located and last but not least, HAVE FUN!

For more photos, visit KuchingBorneo on Instagram and follow KuchingBorneo on Facebook to see more photos of the RITC19.

You can also check out the RITC19 video below.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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