Flash floods in Kuching and Samarahan caught many of those driving to work by surprise today.

Heavy rain since early in the morning was the root of the floods which hit parts of Kuching with notable low lying areas hit by the sudden rising waters.

Photos emerging on social media show massive floods hitting Lundu, Kampung Tabuan Dayak, Stutong, Batu Kawa, Matang, and Malihah.

In Lundu, one road also collapsed, and Sarawak Energy also reported that an electrical pole also collapsed.

In nearby Samarahan Division, deep floods were also reported in Samarindah, and UniVista.

Both the Samarahan Expressway and also Kuching – Serian road also reported massive traffic jams.

Here are several photos shared to us via WhatsApp.

Flash flood in Samarahan Expressway. Photo by Benjamin Daniel
Traffic jam at 7th Mile. Photo by Harun Jau
Samarindah in Samarahan
Lundu police station
Traffic jam in Samarahan
RPR Taman Sri Muhibbah, Batu 13
Water covering the Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho. Photo source: Anand Mohan
Flood near Samarahan expressway (close to INTAN). Photo by Subhi Subuki
Car stalled due to flood in Batu Kawa. Photo: Marchellia Mcyesha Myea
An electrical pole collapsed in Lundu. Photo by SEB
Massive traffic standstill in Samarahan.

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