About 30 minutes from Kuching City, lies a small town known as Siburan.

Previously, Siburan was a town under the jurisdiction of Kuching Division, but the setting up of Serian Division saw this small Bidayuh dominated area being moved, despite it actually being nearer to Kuching.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about how and why Siburan was moved, but rather to tell you about a place which serves the best deserts in Siburan, and probably, Sarawak, or Borneo perhaps.

Mind you, I’ve not been around much, so this place is the best in my books, but perhaps you can suggest a better place, and hence the comments section below. USE IT!


If you are familiar with the deserts known as ABC, Cendol, White Lady and rojak, then this place, which has no name (or rather, I don’t what’s it called) is all about serving those.

The portion of such dishes here is generous, and they are served in top quality.

Another dessert dish served. Not sure what it is called. Photo credit: Wilson Liew

In fact, they (the desserts) are also photo friendly, and hence why they look so good!

In terms of pricing, I’d say they are so much more affordable than those available in Kuching City, but that’s expected given the fact that Siburan Town itself isn’t exactly huge.


Honestly, I’ve not tried all the deserts here, but I can testify that the ABC and Cendol is good.

The ABC served in big portion, with soft ice that melts in your mouth. Photo: Cyril Dason

As for the rojak buat (fruit rojak), always request for the ones with the hard fried tofu, because to me, they taste so much yummier, and the ‘crack’ sound you hear when crunching it, makes it much tastier.

A very generous rojak buah. Photo credit: Siaw Chai Hok

Taste of course is subjective, so you don’t have to take my word for it.


The place is hidden and only locals know the spot. I’m not sure what time they start opening, but usually they are already in business after 2PM.

I guess they close around 5PM-ish,but I do stand corrected.

To get here, use the map below.

But if you aren’t tech savvy enough to use the map, go to the back of Eastern Mall, and look for an exit road to your left which leads to some private homes and the old Siburan Town area. When you reach this road, turn right away from the main road, and drive on. You should see the stall on your right after a couple of minutes.


Siburan is a small town, which is sometimes called referred to as a ‘cowboy town’ as traffic laws are not followed, and it is rather disorganized.

The place however is nearby popular Bidayuh long house Annah Rais, and Borneo Highlands Resort, and Kampung Semban.

Recently, the Bengoh Dam which has just been completed a few years back, is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination, with Kpg Duras also a popular hashing location.

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