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AEON Mall Kuching Central

AEON Mall Kuching Central is the latest shopping mall in Kuching City, serving crowds nearby third mile and Batu Kawa.  It is said to rival Boulevard Mall which is located about 5 minutes drive from the new mall.

The opening of the mall on 20th April 2018 was long awaited as AEON is a well known brand across Asia. The mall is the 27th AEON malls in Malaysia, and the 35th AEON store nationwide.

If you intend to go to the mall, note that its operation hours is 10AM to 10PM daily.

AEON Mall Kuching Central has over 1.6 million square feet of gross built-up area, housing more than 130 retail lots spread across three floors.

Aeon Mall Kuching Central
The Aeon Store has a wide variety of choices for shoppers


AEON Mall Kuching Central is one of the best shopping malls when it comes to facilities.

All around the mall are rest lounges where you can sit and relax after a long walk, or while you are waiting for your significant other to shop.

Lounges for you to rest and take a break from walking

These lounges sometime also come with free WiFi hotspots and charging stations, just in case your mobile phone runs out of juice.

WifFi hotspots and charging stations

At the ground floor, there’s ATM machines for those needing cash. One of the ATM machine is from RHB Bank, while the other has a general sign for MEPS.  This means you can use any member of MEPS card to withdraw money.

The ATM machine at the mall

Aside from those, AEON Mall Kuching Central is also disable friendly.

There are 1,800 car park bays spread over five floors of parking, with parking reaching the roof top. AEON Mall KuchinG Central also offers dedicate parking sections for ladies and the disabled.

AEON Mall operates a shuttle bus service to the mall from 10AM (first bus) to 9.20PM (last bus) daily. The bus schedule can be seen if you read on below.


If you are using Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, you can’t miss the massive AEON Mall Kuching Central which is located nearby the third mile flyover.

The Google Map to go to AEON Mall Kuching Central can be seen below, in case you need it.

During the opening of the mall, shuttle bus was provided from selected destinations around town as the mall is located some 25 minutes from hotels in Kuching city center.

The shuttle bus service routes are divided into two:

  • ROUTE 1: Kuching Waterfront > Riverside Majestic Hotel> Sarawak General Hospital > AEON MALL Kuching Central
  • ROUTE 2 AEON MALL Kuching Central > Sarawak General Hospital > Kuching Waterfront > Riverside Majestic Hotel


If you intend to go to the supermarkat, parking at the basement would be wise as it is nearest to the supermarket.  Parking anyway on the three storey parking above the mall will lead you directly into AEON Store.

Parking rates vary with members enjoying better rates.  Huge cars like 4WD can easily navigate the parking areas of the mall as parking is spacious enough.

The mall tends to be crowded on weekends, so come early if you are there for an appointment, or to catch a movie.


AEON Mall Kuching Central is quite far from any know accommodations in Kuching. It is unlikely that you would want to walk to AEON Mall from any of the closest hotels.

Nonetheless, for hotel options do check out HotelsCombined.com for best room rates in Kuching.


Kuching is home to a good number of shopping malls and shopping destinations, as the city slowly cements itself as a shopping paradise among locals and tourist.

The growing number of shopping malls in Kuching has grown significantly in the past ten years with the number of dedicated malls listed in out Kuching Shopping Malls guide.

For fresh groceries, Kubah Ria in Satok is the biggest wet market which not only has a huge variety of fresh jungle produce on a daily basis, but also houses the weekly and busy Satok Sunday Market.

Souvenir seekers on the other hand can check out our list of Kuching’s best souvenir locations or just indulge in some perfect hotels near the beach in Kuching.

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Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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